1 August (Tuesday)

2 August (Wednesday)

3 August (Thursday)

4 August (Friday)

5 August (Saturday)

6 August (Sunday)

  • Mina Murray: [Possible dating error: Mina's 8 August entry reads as though the storm and the wreck of the Demeter occurred on the night of the 7th/morning of the 8th, despite Mina claiming to see the ship on the evening of the 6th. The 8 August Dailygraph article is ambiguous in its chronological placement of the shipwreck, although this editor has opted for the 6th/7th dating.] Mr. Swales apologizes to Mina for his earlier morbid commentary claiming that he senses his own end to be near. As he speaks to her, a great storm approaches Whitby and a strange ship (The Demeter) comes into view.
  • 7 August (Monday)

    8 August (Tuesday)

    9 August (Wednesday)

    10 August (Thursday)

    11 August (Friday) [New Moon]

    12 August (Saturday)

    13 August (Sunday)

    14 August (Monday)

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    30 August (Wednesday)

    31 August (Thursday)

    This timeline includes all events that occur the novel Dracula in addition to events alluded to in the book's typed manuscript, Stoker's notes, and "Dracula's Guest." The days of the week are based on the 1893 dating of the novel.

    Green Text: Events referenced in Stoker's notes, but not in the finished novel

    Orange Text: Events referenced in the typed manuscript for Dracula, but not in the finished novel

    Blue Text: Events referenced in "Dracula's Guest," but not in Dracula

    Purple Italicized text: Indicates apparent errors in Dracula's dating